ediciones TRITON are independent producers and publishers in the fields of art, architecture & design with a theoretical approach, mainly exploring the possible relations of those disciplnes to anthropology, science, philosophy and psychology - as well as subjects related to (electronic) music. Especially in interdisciplinary fields, we believe creative thinking arises, as well as  processes that can lead to innovation and cultural understanding extending to economic synergies.

The publishing house was established at the beginning of the 90's in Vienna, by an international group of academics and artists. After a period of consolidation, we are since the end of 2009 present in Barcelona with a representative office in Vienna and with a production office in the very dynamic Middle Eastern city of Beirut.

Additionally, we are also seeking to extend our exiting Mediterranean arena of action with emphasis on Spain / Latin America and Italy, to other regions comprising multilingual publications, and a program with thematically related subjects.

We publish mainly special artist editions and artist's-books (collectibles) as well as catalogs for academic institutions and museums, and, in the future hopefully more music and art-films. We consider our books also as art & design objects with nuanced intellectual content and consequently offer authors and artists the possibility to explore their artistic ambitions also in the design of their book by publishing special artists editions or projects such as multiples or sculptural objects etc. .