Finest Austrian Design at Beirut Design Week 2018

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The exhibition "Finest Austrian Design at Beirut Design Week 2018 - Design as our common future heritage", is organized by ed. Triton Productions and curated by Bariaa Mourad. The exhibition represents some of the finest and most renowned contemporary Austrian designers based mainly in Vienna with close ties to reputed international design brands and academic institutions such as the d:'angewandte (University of Applied Arts), Vienna. Design projects: "Social design" by DOTTINGS-GOODGOODs /  "inWASTEment" by mischer'traxler studio / "Iris" by najjar & najjar architects / "WaldInhalierbar" by pavillon_35 / "Raw" by Soda Designers - Nasrallah & Horner / "mitiMistici" jewelry by Daniel Spoerri.

The exhibitions are accompanied by panel discussions, design demonstrations and design films, as well as presentations by academic institutions such as the departments of Industrial Design 2 and Social Design of the d:'angewandte (University of Applied Arts, Vienna) and the MAK museum, Vienna.



dottings, the office of industrial design is active in the areas of product-, light-, and furniture-design, as well as the conception of public spaces. Dottings is about creating designs with intelligent and honest solutions for their clients.
“Clever product design in all its diversity should always achieve more than just look good. We consciously and extensively develop the term industrial design and are also eager to move off the beaten roads with our design-ideas, notably in areas which accordingly deserve a bit of it. We develop products from concept to their industrial maturity.“
The people behind dottings are Sofia Podreka & Katrin Radanitsch and a network of outstanding specialists. Sofia Podreka and Katrin Radanitsch studied Industrial Design at renown institutions such as the University of Applied Arts in Vienna where they graduated with distinction. They successfully participated in numerous competitions and exhibitions.

mischer'traxler studio

Katharina Mischer and Thomas Traxler form mischer‘traxler studio. Balancing between handcraft and technology, they design objects, furniture, production processes, kinetic or interactive installations and more, thereby focusing on experiments and conceptual thinking within a given context. After graduating from the IM-masters department at the Design Academy Eindhoven and several years of collaboration, Katharina and Thomas founded mischer'traxler studio in Vienna in 2009.
Their works have been displayed in numerous museums and at international festivals and fairs. Projects by mischer'traxler are to be found in the permanent collections of the Art institute Chicago, the Vitra Design Museum and the MAK Vienna. Their projects have won several awards, while as a studio, mischer’traxler was honoured with the ‘Designer of the future award’ by Design Miami/Basel and W-hotels in 2011 in 2014 with the ‘Young talent award’ by the Be-open foundation and recently with the Swarovski Design Medal 2016 by Swarovski and the Vienna Design Week.

Najjar & Najjar Architects

Karim Najjar & Rames Najjar founded their studio in Vienna back in 1999. Since then, the office expanded internationally and is now based in Vienna and Beirut. The practice activities include designs for residential, commercial and multi-purpose buildings, bridges, interior spaces, and furniture.
Their interdisciplinary approach to design and their research efforts that span a variety of fields, have enabled the work of Najjar & Najjar Architects to standout as Karim and Rames Najjar provide custom-tailored and smart solutions to a wide variety of issues.
Their involvement in research projects that bridge various disciplines shapes the way they conceptualize and design. Nature is the primary source of inspiration. The two brothers grew up near the Mediterranean and have a passion for sailing and hiking. This proximity to the sea has also molded an affinity for horizontal lines, extending roofs and open plans.
Having studied and designed various projects in Austria, Lebanon and internationally, the accumulated technical knowledge, leading-edge solutions and high-end craftsmanship are integral to their work. But as Architects, Najjar and Najjar are also aware of their social responsibility and have designed cost-effective, resource-saving solutions such as sustainable schools for refugees or kinematic structures to harvest energy for the fishermen community at the Beirut coast through architecture. Currently, as a professor, Karim Najjar is teaching at the American University of Beirut and Rames Najjar at the University of Innsbruck, Austria.



Moya Hoke, Guenter Seyfried and Kristin Weissenberger are members of the "Gesellschaft für wissenschaftsbasierte Kunst", which is an independent, registered association, based in Vienna, Austria.
The projects of pavillon_35 spring up from a close and interdisciplinary collaboration between artists and scientists, in the fields of fine art and molecular biology. Pavillon 35 cooperates with the University of Applied Arts Vienna, Open Science, Biofaction, Institut fuer Polycinease and FH Campus Wien Molekulare Biotechnologie.
The collaboration involves research into concepts of art,  philosophy and biology and the development of works of art. With the help of all project partners Pavillon 35 supports artists and scientists to concretize and realize projects in the tense field of art and molecular biology. The project "WaldInhalierbar" (Inhalable forest) is a sort of "mini-shisha" made of porcelain and wood (woodwork by Paul Stempberger), filled with sound medical and ecological herbal essences explicitly developed by a pharmacist, Alexander Ehrmann, of St Charles pharmacy, Vienna.  "WaldInhalierbar" (Inhalable forest) brings the scent and breath of nature back to the city dweller.


Soda Designers - Nasrallah & Horner

Nada Nasrallah and Christian Horner met whilst studying Industrial Design at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna and the ENSCI/Les Ateliers in Paris.
Coming from the different professional backgrounds of carpentry and gold/silversmith, the common interest that led to their working together was the adoption of challenging design projects.
With teaching experience from the Kingston/New Design University and the Design College St. Pölten and work experience at Sottsass Associati and Paolo Rizzato/Milan, Radi Designers/Paris, Philips Design Vienna/Singapore, Sagem and Bene Office Furniture, Soda Designers are now based in Vienna and are engaged in a variety of projects covering furniture design, consumer-electronics, interior design and home accessories.
Soda Designers are kindly supported by Breitwieser Stone World.
Projects for: Wittmann, Ligne Roset, Fontana Arte, MDF Italia, Rapsel Spa., Berndorf, Porro and more.



B_D bdw 2018

Daniel Spoerri Jewelry

There is no need to present Daniel Spoerri at this place since his artistic achievements in the art history of the 20th century are incontestably iconical, reaching out now to the third millennium.
The jewelry collection "mitiMistici" as shown in this exhibition, reflects and resumes Daniels longstanding interest in idolatry, as well as in ritual and mythical phenomena in ethnology. Those recurring topics throughout his artistic life, also inspire the projects, happenings, and exhibitions taking place at his own venues - Il Giardino, a sculptural garden founded by himself in Tuscany, and the Ausstellungshaus Spoerri in Hadersdorf, close to Vienna, Austria.
The contemporary jewelry objects of the collection question the relationship of man to nature, to animals, and also men's origins and social integration. All jewelry objects are unique pieces and made with precious (gold ...) and durable natural/organic materials or objets trouvés and thus also refer to important questions concerning sustainability and ecology.



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