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The Age of Experience1_web



A project by the School of Creative Media - City University of Hong Kong in cooperation with AIL Angewandte Innovation Lab of the University of Applied Arts, Vienna

Two exhibitions with works of art of faculty members, alumnis and students of the School of Creative Media City University of Hong Kong selected, curated and designed
by Harald Kraemer

Hong Kong / Vienna / Barcelona: Triton, 2017     ISBN 978-84-943401-3-0



Raab Secession1

Eva-Maria Raab


Light studies of the Vienna Secession Building

/.../  Nei suoi ultimi cianotipi, Eva-Maria Raab ricollega le quattro facciate di questo palazzo - della Secessione Viennese, costruito nel 1897-98 in accordo con il progetto del discepolo di Otto Wagner, Josef Maria Olbrich - in un intreccio di relazioni multidimensionali con l’ambiente circostante, dove la natura sembra vicina e lontana allo stesso tempo. Vicini sono gli alberi e i ramoscelli che formando la loro ombra nel muro, delineano bassorilievi e sculture di piante stilizzate, lontana è la fonte di luce che non genera solo ombre, ma tutte le immagini raccolte in questa collezione /.../

/.../ On her latest cyanotypes, Eva-Maria Raab recombined the four façades of Vienna’s Secession – built 1897-98 according to the plans of Otto Wagner's disciple Josef Maria Olbrich – into intertwined and multidimensional relationships with the surrounding environment where nature seems at the same time very near and distant. Close are the trees and twigs that cast their shadows on the wall reliefs and sculptures of stylized plants, far is the light source that not only generates shadows, but all the pictures gathered in this leporello /.../   Lucas Gehrmann, chief curator Kunsthalle Vienna

Vienna: Triton, 2017

Artist Edition: infos available upon request.

Reviews:    Eikon




A project by AROTIN & SERGHEI by in collaboration with the Kunsthistorische Museum, Vienna and Museum in Progress

With contributions by: Kaspar Muehlemann Hartl (ed), Sabine Haag, Gerfried Stocker, Karin Tissot

The installation by AROTIN & SERGHEI was presented as a large-scale image projection (1200 sq m) on the main façade of the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna to mark the 125th anniversary of the museum. Hereby one of its most famous pictures, “The Tower of Babel” by Pieter Brueghel the Elder, was transformed into a rotating structure of light cells in continuous mutation with emerging details from masterpieces of the KHM collection.

AROTIN & SERGHEI composed a sound installation to accompany the endless circular movement. It contains various sounds and electronically manipulated themes from Bach, Wagner and Schubert’s later works and “Unfinished Symphony”, played on the piano by Mikahil Rudy and Alexander Arotin. Furthermore the artists included text fragments from Homer, Dante, Karl Kraus, Beckett and Wittgenstein, from the Mahabharata and from navigation systems. The project was initiated by museum in progress under the direction of the curator Kaspar Mühlemann Hartl. Earlier versions of “Infinite Screen” as a work in progress were shown at the Vienna Konzerthaus (2013), Ars Electronica Festival (2014) and La Biennale di Venezia (2015).

Vienna / Barcelona [etc.]: Triton, 2016     ISBN 978-84-943401-7-8



Logothetis title web


Contributions by
Julia Logothetis & Bariaa Mourad (eds.), Eugenia Alexaki, Antonios Antonipoulos, Maria-Dimitra Baveli, Thomas Gorbach, Dieter Kaufmann, Anestis Logothetis, Mike McInerney

/.../ Logothetis did not limit himself to the two-dimensional surface of scores. Sound production in space was of great significance for him and he, as acousmatic composer, was actually visualizing his sounds and noises “in space.” I would say this is seen even better in his sketches, than in the later-produced finished scores. Since 1974 he performed ‘multimedia operas’ and projected the graphical scores of the pieces corresponding to the performance onto the stage design. /.../

Published in collaboration with:

The Music Department, Kapodistrian University of Athens; the Institute for Research on Music & Acoustics (IEMA), Athens, and the Onassis Cultural Center, Athens.

Barcelona, Athens: Triton     ISBN 978-84-943401-6-1


Andres Ramirez Gaviria

A Line, However Short, Has An Infinite Number Of Points

With contributions by:

Quinn DuPont, Laura A. L. Wellen (University of Texas)

"These works reveal and critique the otherness of code, by order and perceived disorder, with microcontrollers, aerospace and hi-tech materials, strobes, sound performances, chopped and cut videos, printed text, and images. As with others, Gaviria’s work responds to, critiques, and embraces research and development from the mid-twentieth century. But what makes it so novel and compelling is that communication and information are often the formal subject of Gaviria’s works, yet rarely the method.  Instead, his work uses the multiple processes of transcription and transmission to expose hidden, now dominant, representational pathways. Andres Ramirez Gaviria seeks code at the interstices of language and thoughts, which lie „between form of representation and interpretation." Quinn DuPont

"A preposition, when used with a noun or pronoun, indicates direction, location, and time. To place alongside. Near, nearby, next to. In regard to, together with, toward. What I am about to write is about relationships between things. About, after, around, owing to. A line has an infinite numbers of points. The consideration here is how to connect some of them."   Laura A. L. Wellen

Published simultaneously with the exhibition at the:

Museo de Arte Moderno, Santo Domingo

Barcelona:  Triton, 2016     ISBN 978-84-943401-1-6

Custom edition: € 35,00 + shipping

Artist Edition: infos available upon request.


Sabine Ott


With contributions by:

Barbara Holub, Bariaa Mourad, Wolf D. Prix, Ursula Maria Probst, Hannes Stiefel, Daniel Wisser


The book presentation with the limited artist edition and related artworks took place at:

The University of Applied Arts on Thursday, April 28, 2016 in the Atrium / Penthouse at 19:ooh.

/.../ Mankind should modify their butts in order to be able to create new chairs. I have a design problem. The arbitrariness of the form is too much for me. I love the reduction; I like to have only a little. What I do not need is the most fun because I can renounce it. In my design projects, I'm interested in, (and gain pleasure in dealing with), the existing. This also relates to the materiality. In my design work, I achieve my projects with amazingly little /.../   Sabine Ott

Vienna, Barcelona:  Triton, 2015     ISBN 978-84-943401-0-9

Custom edition: € 29,30 + shipping.

Artist Edition: infos available upon request.



Tanya Traboulsi

Lost Strange Things: On not finding home

With contributions by: Rayya Badran, Bariaa Mourad, Najla Said

The book presentation for Lebanon took place at Art Factum Gallery Beirut in March 2015, and for Austria at: Kunsthaus Wien with a discussion between the editor, artist and the curator of Kunsthaus Vienna.


In The Cost for Love We Are Not Willing to Pay, the artist, writer and poet Etel Adnan relates her relationship with the many places she settled in. She relocated to California from Beirut, and in this exile she wrote: “during the first years there, I carried within me a feeling of a deep uprootedness”.(Also) Tanya Traboulsi’s photographs draw links between her two homes. /.../   (she) remains at a remove from her objects of affection. The characters portrayed in the artist’s portraits evoke an ambivalence in their postures, their gaze elusively facing outward. They stand and sit awkwardly as if to translate the juxtapositional nature of the portraits. We see the uprootedness evoked by Adnan in the stiffness of the postures /.../   Rayya Badran

/.../ In her photographs, Tanya Traboulsi addresses that particular reflection based on her own intercultural history between Lebanon and Austria. Interculturalism, which featured both in historically monarchist Austria and still today in Lebanon, where various ethical realities claim the same region being at the same time a nation of emigrants, is negotiated in both countries in different ways. /.../   Bariaa Mourad

In collaboration with Art Factum Gallery / Joy Mardini, Beirut, Lebanon

ISBN 978-84-943401-8-5 (Triton Barcelona) ISBN 3-85486-229-6 (Triton Viena)

Barcelona / Beirut [etc.] : Triton, 2014

Reviews:     ORF OE I       |      L'Orient Le Jour   |  The Daily Star  |  L'Oeil de la Photographie  |   Tanya Traboulsi was awarded the Boghossian Prize for photography in 2013.

Custom edition: € 39,00 + shipping.

Artist Edition: infos available upon request.




Renate Quehenberger (ed.)

QUANTUM CINEMA - A Digital Vision

With a foreword by Peter Weibel

This publication reports the results of the art research project Quantum Cinema - a digital vision, funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) and the PEEK research program, hosted by the University of Applied Arts, Vienna, 2010-2013.
Quantum Cinema (QC) denotes artistic research by means of digital art combined with scientific expertise following the claim for a coherent picture of the quantum world. A new digital 3D animated geometry based on the Penrose Pattern as a 2D cross-section of 5-dimensional space was developed  for the visualisation of hitherto abstract higher dimensional mathematical concepts describing quantum phenomena.
The book shows the artistically processed infinite dimensional space built from iterating elements of the 5-dimensional space: It exhibits the boundary shape of the dodecahedron embedded with kaleidoscopic symmetries of Henri Poincaré's homology sphere which echoes Plato‘s world of ideas.

Quantum Cinema tries to reunite art and science through a coherent picture of the Quantum World, approaching it by geometric means as an item of art – notably digital new-media art. Via the advantage of digital 3D animation, the partly "imaginary world" of complex number systems - by means of space-animation - becomes virtually “real” and thus, visually accessible, while the realms of time, light, and higher dimensional spaces, habited by supposed particles, become mentally accessible.

Barcelona / Vienna [etc.] : Triton, 2016



Eva Petric . TransapParent

Lucien Clergue & Bariaa Mourad (eds.)


A photographic journey. An artist's-book with contributions by: Lucien Clergue, Martina Corgnati, Bariaa Mourad,  Michael Pilz, Boris Podrecca, Peter Weiermair


Published in partnership with Künstlerhaus Vienna

Book - Presentation and Exhibition at:

The Künstlerhaus Vienna, April 10, 2014 / 7 pm

Speeches: Boris Podrecca & Bariaa Mourad

The light catches the figure, the figure catches my eyes, my eyes catch it's Shadow, and the Shadow sneaks into my camera only to explode in the dark room. "The Shadow becomes the figure and the figure becomes the Shadow of the Shadow. The Shadow of the Shadow catches my eyes, my eyes catch the light, and the light catches the figure in motion, leaving behind a trail of Shadows /.../"

ISBN 978-84-938482-8-6 (Triton Barcelona)  ISBN 3-85486-215-6 (Triton Viena)

Barcelona [etc.] : Triton, 2013

Custom edition:  € 35,00 + shipping.

Artist Edition: infos on n° + sales  available upon request.



In Between Space

Eva Petrič. IN-between-SPACE

The musical experience (on CD-Booklet) -  of the audio-visual-installation IN-between-SPACE at the Museum of Modern Art, Klagenfurt - Austria.



Collective Heart & Love, Belief, Hope - are extensions of the audio-visual installation and were shown in the nave of Vienna's Stephansdom (May 3, 2016 - Sep. 11, 2016).

In the Burgkapelle, Eva Petrič stages a multimedial work based on an ESA photograph of the space telescope "Hubble", depicting newly emerged stars and star constellations. Petrič replicates this specific stellar formation, by sewing countless little doilies together into large textile shapes and stretching them across the chapel like a backdrop. Additionally, there is a soundscape with NASA recordings of sounds from outer space, the artist's singing and music by her and Matija Strniša, together with photographic projections which transform the room into an interactive, evocative structure. The chapel as a spiritual setting oversteps the boundaries of its former purpose. The existential questions, so pressing in the spiritual context are raised in an extended discourse, outside the religious framework, which combines the big bang theory and the theological myth of Creation /.../

Nella Burgkapelle Eva Petrič installa un lavoro multimediale, basato su una foto dell’ESA proveniente dal telescopio spaziale „Hubble“ e rappresentante nuove stelle e costellazioni. L’artista riproduce questa particolare formazione astrale, cucendo insieme innumerevoli centrini di pizzo e dando vita a grandi elementi di stoffa con forma propria, che vengono poi appesi a creare uno scenario. A ciò si aggiungono lo sfondo sonoro, con registrazioni di rumori spaziali della NASA, il canto dell’artista e la musica suonata da lei e da Matija Strniša nonché proiezioni fotografiche, che trasformano lo spazio della cappella in un atmosferico tessuto interattivo ed evocativo. L’ambiente, pregno d’immaginario spirituale, fuoriesce così dagli argini limitanti della sua precedente destinazione. I quesiti esistenziali di fondo, percepiti come ag- gressione all’interno del contesto spirituale, vengono posti in un discorso ampliato, al di là della cornice religiosa, in cui la teoria del big bang ed il mito teologico della creazione riescono a fondersi /.../

Reviews:     Wiener Zeitung       |       ORF-TV   |   Delo   |   Novice

Barcelona [etc.] : Triton, 2014     ISBN 978-84-938482-2-4

Published in partnership with the Museum of Modern Art, Klagenfurt, Austria (MMKK)

Custom edition:  € 25,00 + shipping.

Artist Edition: infos on n° + sales available upon request.



eldarb wen pic 1

Gregor Eldarb

Several Models Put Together


With contributions by: František Kowolowski & Georg Schollhammer (ed. springerin)


ISBN 978-84-9943401-9-2 (Triton Barcelona)  ISBN 3-85486-228-8 (Triton Viena)

Barcelona [etc.] : Triton, 2014

The book presentation took place at:

The Frederick Kiesler Foundation Vienna, March 21, 2015 / Matinée at 11 am

Speech: Director Peter Bogner

Structural models based on urbanistic ideas, architectures and theories make up an essential part of the work of Gregor Eldarb. He develops hypothetical spaces and forms referencing the constructivist models of the early twentieth century’s classical avant-gardes. His work can be thought of as an on-going conversation with the ideas underlying both real and utopian concepts of the cityscape. Through drawings, objects and videos he explores his surroundings, ranging from his own apartment to various cities, countries and landscapes, all of which find their respective counterparts in his models. /.../

American scientist and fluxus-artist Bern Porter and his fellow American, poet-painter Kenneth Patchen, are two further major reference points in Eldarb’s stimulating dialogue with certain affiliations within the historical avant-gardes. /.../

Gregor Eldarb’s more recent work testifies to an increased interest in the print media. In it, he refers to a system of forms, modes of presentation and concepts, enabling the viewer to draw comparisons and redefine the meanings underlying art, space and mind /.../   František Kowolowski

Custom edition: € 28,00 + shipping.

Artist Edition: infos on n° + sales available upon request.



Dion Neutra

Julius Shulman (Photography)

The Neutras Then & Later
A history of the architectural firm as seen through the aging of its sites - vol. I

With autobiographical reflections and photographies, published in partnership with:

University of Applied Arts Vienna



ISBN 978-84-938482-7-9 (Triton Barcelona)   ISBN 3-85486-217-2 (Triton Viena)

Barcelona / Los Angeles [etc.] : Triton, 2012.

© Photography Julius Shulman / Getty Foundation / Triton 2012

Reviews:     Archinect News   |   The Toronto Star   |

Lectures were given by Dion Neutra on the subject of his new coffee table book - with previously unpublished material to rise public awareness about architectural heritage - at the following design museums / venues:

DX – Canada’s Design Museum  /  AIA NC Center for Architecture and Design  /  The Bechtler Museum of Modern Art  /  Clemson University College of Architecture  /  The Museum of Design Atlanta

Custom edition (paperback): € 30,00 + shipping
Custom edition (hardcover): € 35,00 + shipping


Stoyanovs Tomato

Kamen Stoyanov

Stoyanov's Tomato Products

A project developed at the MAK Center for Art & Architecture, Los Angeles.

Published in partnership with: University of Applied Arts, Vienna & MAK Center, Los Angeles


ISBN 978-84-938482-9-3 (Triton Barcelona)   ISBN 3-85486-218-0 (Triton Viena)

Barcelona / Los Angeles [etc.] : Triton, 2013

"..... I was interested in the idea of working on something which takes time and where I cannot control the speed of how it is proceeding. It was the idea to handle a banal work in a different way. Besides that I adore the tomatoes in all their different kinds, especially the Bulgarian ones. You know what I am talking about ....."
Kamen Stoyanov

Soup stopped being “just soup” in 1962, when Andy Warhol showcased for the first time his “portraits” of the Campbell’s tomato soup in the Ferus Gallery in Los Angeles. today even in the grocer’s around the corner, the legendary little box is much more Warhol’s than Campbell’s, as it holds,  a preserved state, a real revolution in our interaction with art. Exactly 50 years later Kamen Stoyanov planted, in the yard of Schindler House in Los Angeles, the tomato seeds he had brought from Bulgaria /..../   Kamen Stoyanov

Reviews:     Eikon   | 

Custom edition with CD:  € 20,00 + shipping.

Artist Edition:  price + n° available upon request.



Laura Virginia Ulloa Quiroga

Invisible Forces / Invisible Cities


A project developed at:

Tongji University Shanghai
College of Architecture and Urban Planning / CAUP; and the Technical University Vienna

Shanghai, the metropolis of Eastern Asia is subject of this publication. It aims to enhance identity within Shanghai, regarding its increasing spatial and social segregation, by means of the revival of rituals, and by proposing two dynamic evolving cultural infrastructures, which are adaptable in the ever-changing society of this expanding metropolis. These structures are visible outcomes of invisible forces, which have been used as parameters for their development, and subsequent evolution.
Invisible Forces I Invisible Cities is to establish the importance and variety of rituals in human society, both generally, and within China, as well as their relationship with cultural landscapes, places of tribute, of social memory and private recollection, which reaffirm the relations between the invisible spiritual and the visible material worlds.

Barcelona / Shanghai [etc.] : Triton, 2012



TIME NO TIME by Parallel Media

Experimental video - limited artists edition

Video-Installation première at Tiroler Landesmuseum Ferdinandeum, Studiogalerie, Innsbruck.




ISBN 978-84-938482-6-2 (Triton Barcelona)   ISBN 3-85486-214-8  (Triton Viena)

Barcelona, Viena [etc.] : Triton, 2011.

TIME NO TIME polarizes moving pictures in terms of speed, time and experience through parallelism and circulation. The enstatics versus the exstatics of movement and their experience of time becomes the theme. The event horizon is defined by the use of both – the “X tense imaging”, and the “video feedback” technologies. Thus the time of the experience and the experience of time face each other.

Custom edition:  Sold out

Artist Edition: Sold out



Réminiscences Beyrouthines

Multi-Media-Installation. Première presented at exhibition :

Beirut - Kunsthalle Wien,  June 29, 2011 - August 24, 2011.

Concept by Bariaa Mourad, with photographs by Tanya Traboulsi, a text by Najla Said, and sound design by Edwin Daou.

"Alcyon & Triton"™  Productions, Beirut / Kunsthalle Wien, (Eds.), Exhibition / Installation catalogue. Barcelona, Beirut, Vienna [etc.] : Triton, 2011.

ISBN 978-84-938482-3-1 (Triton Barcelona) ISBN 3-85486-211-3 (Triton Viena)

Limited artists edition: infos available upon request.

all editions reserved / sold out



Top web 2


ΤοπολογÎ (Topología)


With contributions on music & visual arts, mathematics and space.



In collaboration with:

The Music Department, University of Athens; the Institute for Research on Music & Acoustics (IEMA), Athens; the Onassis Cultural Center, Athens, and the Sucessió Miro

Barcelona / Athens [etc.] : Triton



Hofstetter Kurt :  ZART una cantata moebius

Contributions by: Dieter Bogner, Werner Depauli-Schimanovich, Barbara Doser, Thomas Miessgang, Bariaa Mourad, Monika Pessler, Gerald A. Fromm, Peter Weibel.

ZART - NOW - HERE, a project also presented at the Center for Art and Media-Technology (ZKM).

With research funding from the:

Frederick Kiesler Foundation, Vienna and the Cultural and Science Department, of the City of Vienna.

Eds: Kiesler Foundation Vienna / two congruent zero | modulo arts & science

The cantata moebius ZART provokes a musical experience along the “eventhorizon of time”. In the moment of their stereo-acoustic perception the cantata enfolds its sound potential directed both towards the future as well as towards the past. After the première of the composition ZART una cantata moebius during spring 2008 at the Kiesler Foundation Vienna, the following CD-book was also presented at this venue.

ISBN 978-84-938482-0-0 (Triton Barcelona)   ISBN 3-85486-210-5 (Triton Viena)

Barcelona / Viena [etc.] : Triton, 2010.

CD-book, 84 pages, Germ./Engl., Hardcover, 17,5 x 21,5 cm, 16 Illustrations b/w.

Reviews:  Springerin 1/13  |  Listen at Radio ORF Ö1 Artmagazine  |  Skug : journal for music  | Collecting Artist's Books |

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