Manuscript Peer Review


As independent publishers ediciones TRITON publish mainly limited  artist editions and artist's-books (collectibles), considered  also as art & design objects with nuanced intellectual content, as well as catalogs for academic institutions and museums. Some projects also involve curatorial and exhibition concepts.

Complementary, concerning theoretical publications ediciones TRITON consider, within the given framework and research possibilities, of particular importance the achievement of a high scientific standard of the published work .

Manuscripts concerning academic subjects or which are of scientific character considered by ediciones TRITON for publication, notably those supported by academic national and international public institutions such as e. g. the Austrian Academy of Science, the Austrian Science Fund (FWF), or the Cultural and Science department of the City of Vienna, or projects involving the UNESCO, or the Generalitat de Catalunya etc., will be subjected to an institutional and /or scientific peer review process before being published.

For evaluation specialized international experts or scientists will be selected in the respective field. According to international guidelines of a peer review process, we try to find referees who are not operating in the same orbit as the author. The selected referees provide to the publisher a report at the authors disposal. For each work, to which the peer review process shall apply, at least two reports are obtained.

Nevertheless, it can never be excluded that evaluators may be biased regarding their institutional, political, financial or personal attitude etc. vis-a-vis the author or his work, so that recommendation to revise a work or its non-publication, should never be considered as a value judgement of the work.